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research, development and launch of small satellites that would operate in low orbit and provide narrowband communications service, Tan told China Daily in an exclusive interview. Tan spoke on the sidelines of the▓ 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, to which he is a delegate."General Secretary Xi Jinping has stressed that China's modernization drive will not succeed without the comp▓letion of informatization," he said. "Space-ba

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sed infrastructure is a pillar of the information industry. The new company would be tasked with forming a satellite constellation to boost space-based communicatio▓ns."Informatization is the development of an information-base▓d economy.The network would offer coverage to users at sea ▓or in remote regions that have poor access to ground-based communi▓cations services, according to Tan. He said the

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proposed firm would have a team of satellite designers but would procure others' satellites if they have better cost-performance ratios.Tan said Sanjiang also would continue to▓ improve the capabilities of its Kuaizhou-series carrier rockets, a major product of the company, and use them to acquire more commercial space contracts.In China, the commercial▓ space industry generally includes development and production of spacecraft not sponsored by the government as well as non-State launch activities. Wh

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ile China has a long history▓ of space exploration, commercial involvement in space is a new idea that is gaining popularity among State-owned space cont

the space-based communic ations market, a ccording to a projec t insider.Ta n Qianhong, Party chief of C hina Space San jiang Group, a CASIC subsidiary in Hubei province, said Sanjiang has submitted a plan on the propo sed satellite firm to CASIC and is wai ting for app roval.The ne w entity would f ocus mainly on the 明水县5G 灯塔市5G 临桂县wap 清徐县wap 安庆市wap 河曲县wap 修武县5G 大庆市5G 云阳县wap 科尔沁左翼中旗wap 安溪县5G 乌兰察布市5G 保康县wap 陆丰市5G 紫金县wap 抚顺县5G 绥芬河市5G 嵩县wap 鱼台县wap 安阳市5G 2019新开靓装传奇私服 电信传奇私服网站大全 传奇私服db技能数据库 新开超变单职业传奇私服 今日新开网通传奇私服 热血传奇私服加速器 超超超级变态传奇私服 1.76传奇私服贴吧 传奇私服单机怎么给自己充值 传奇私服服务器租用价格